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  1. To promote and encourage members to apply TQM as a tool to quickly develop ability in management and sustainability so as to create national efficiency in the following aspects :-
    • ability to compete in the world market
    • sustainable development of the country
    • increase in the quality of life of personnel and their environment in various organizations
  2. To promote the analytical studies of the state of affairs and obstacles in the application of TQM
  3. To supply information, opinions, and suggestions concerning TQM to the general public as well as the government.
  4. To accumulate the experience of the individuals who are successful in applying TQM, and disseminate it to business and academic circles at large.
  5. To promote collaboration among institutes, offices, associations, foundations, academic institutes, and private sectors to collect and develop the knowledge in applying TQM to various establishments.
  6. To create the relation among international organizations that have objectives relevant to those of the Foundation.
  7. To promote cultural functions.
  8. Shall not involve in any political activities.
  9. To perform, or to cooperate with other charity organizations for public benefits.